DEL International Departures Priority Pass Lounge

The New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport has several Priority Pass Lounges. One that I recently traveled through is the Plaza Premium Lounge at International Departures in Terminal 3. The lounge was decent quality and wasn’t crowded at all. The Wi-Fi was quick, albeit limited to 200MB of fast Wi-Fi. The area was quiet and comfortable. I enjoyed my stay there for flight from DEL to SFO.

Immediately after security, take a left and go up the escalator to get to the lounge. If you see the duty-free shops, you have gone too far and missed that escalator. 

Immediately after security and onto the left are the escalators to the lounge
The Plaza Premium Lounge is also known as Lounge A in the signs. Note that the Air India Lounge and ITC Hotels Green Lounge is also here
After the escalator ride up, the first lounge you see will be the Air India Lounge
Continue walking past the Air India Lounge and around the corner will be the Plaza Premium Lounge
After walking around the corner, you will have arrived at the entrance of the lounge

Before I dive into the review of the lounge, I do want to discuss the Wi-Fi situation at all Indian airports. They use a system where you connect to their free Wi-Fi network and it will bring you to a register page. The register page has two options: you can either register with a cell phone number for two hours of free Wi-Fi or get a voucher code from the lounge where it will provide 200MB of quick internet. Both options have their own issues. The phone registration issue is obvious – for the average traveler, they get on the airport Wi-Fi because they do not have a international data plan. So asking for the cell phone number and requiring the user to input the code received over text makes this Wi-Fi impossible to connect. The second option provides super fast internet. However, I couldn’t even finish an episode of West World when they provide 200MB of fast internet. I made it through 40 minutes of the West World episode and didn’t feel like going up to the front desk and asking for a second code. Hopefully this Wi-Fi issue will be addressed by the authorities that manage the Indian Airports’ Wi-Fi soon.

The Lounge has decent quality food consisting mainly of Indian cuisine. On the day of visit, they had butter rice, dal makhani (a creamy lentil and bean dish), Wok tossed vegetables with ginger, and Nimbu Pudina Murgh (chicken stew in curry).  

Pretty good lounge with four hot food options
Close up of the vegetable and chicken curry dish
A pretty stocked up bread area with toaster oven
Salad and dessert bar. Limited options on the dessert but the mini mango cakes were quite delicious.

What I ended up getting from the hot food area. Overall, their food is quite mild on the spices compared to all the other Indian food I have had in the week that I was there. This mild food was much needed to help calm down my stomach 🙂

There is also a water bottle area for all the lounge visitors to grab. This is very useful traveling in India as we are not accustomed to the water there.

It is an open bar at the lounge. However, the liquor and soft drinks are behind the bartop. So you will have to talk to the bartender there to grab a drink. Next to the bar is tea and coffee area which is self-serve.

Onto the decor of the lounge. The lounge is divided into two sections, an open area with comfortable chairs and an enclosed area where the food and the bar is. The enclosed area also has some restaurant style seating. 

Here are some pictures of the open area.

The open area has has ceilings being the airport ceiling itself, so it felt very open space! Note that on the far end of the picture, there are about five computer desks for lounge users to sit down and work if necessary
Lots of chairs and not too crowded
There is also a bar area with stools for lounge users that wants to work in case the computer desks are full

I forgot to take pictures of the enclosed area. But trust me when I say it’s just an area next to the food with tables and chairs for more lounge users. 🙂

And it wouldn’t be a lounge if there’s no magazines and newspaper!

Overall, I was impressed with the lounge. The AC was sufficient compared to my experience at DXB. The Wi-Fi was quick, the food was decent, and the lounge was very comfortable. 

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