DXB (Terminal 3 Concourse B) Priority Pass Lounge Review

The Marhaba Lounge is located at Terminal 3 Concourse B of the Dubai International Airport. This terminal / concourse serves exclusively Emirates Airline. So anytime you fly Emirates or have a transfer at DXB with Emirates, you will most likely be flying out of this terminal. Anyone with a Priority Pass membership can enter this lounge.

I arrived at DXB at 7PM local time for a transfer at 11PM. I spent about three hours at the Marhaba Lounge and thought the lounge was pretty standard with their food and decor. Their Wi-Fi was a little slow due to limited bandwidth and too many customers. And their air conditioning was lacking so it was pretty hot in there. 

The lounge is near Gate 21, in between a book store and a luggage store. There is an elevator that takes you up to the lounge.

Entrance to the lounge
Elevators to go up to the lounge

Stores next to the lounge entrance

The lounge was pretty crowded when I arrived, with a huge line at the entrance.

There is a lot of magazines and newspaper at the lounge entrance.

The lounge has a wide selections of soft drinks, juice, and tea.

Soft drink area
Juice area with choice of apple and orange juice
A wide selection of tea
Their tea area even comes with some delicious dates!

Their alcohol bar area is not self serve and the choices are a little lacking. And they don’t have a dedicated bartender serving drinks either!

Now onto the food area! Their food selection is pretty standard with a salad and sandwich area, and a hot food area. The salad and sandwich area felt like it was catered more to westerners while the hot food area was more middle eastern cuisine with stews and long grain rice. One hot food dish, however, was meatball and pasta ;). 

Fruit and sandwich area
Salad bar area
The hot food area. The lounge was so crowded that I didn’t feel like flipping open each tray and taking a picture of it. But trust me that it’s mostly Middle Eastern cuisine with one pasta and meatball dish 🙂

Now onto the decor. The lounge is an open space that is one level above the main gate area. It was nice to oversee the terminal from above. But it also meant that AC was not cold enough as hot air rises up and the open space allows for the AC to escape. 

I managed to get a photo of the lounge after it quieted down at around 10PM
The entire lounge has comfortable chairs like these
Food and seating area

This is what I ended up getting for my dinner.

To conclude, the lounge was decent to spend my few hours of lay over in Dubai compared to waiting at the gate. Food quality was pretty good, with a wide variety of options. However, it was a little too hot and the Wi-Fi was a little too slow. It is also the smallest lounge (300 passengers) compared to the first class (1,800 passenger / 136,000 sq ft) and business class (3,000 passengers / 145,000 sq ft) of the Emirates lounge in Terminal 3, Concourse B of DXB. But I didn’t fly first or business class this trip, so can’t really complain when the Marhaba Lounge is free ;-P

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