HYD Domestic Departures Priority Pass Lounge

The Hyderabad Airport Domestic Departures Priority Pass Lounge is located near Gate 28, where you will take an elevator down from the departure gate level. This Plaza Premium Lounge is open 24 hours with decent accommodations. I was here for a domestic transfer between HYD and DEL and spent two hours in the morning here. The lounge wasn’t too crowded and had a decent selection of breakfast items.

Entrance to the lounge

To reiterate the Wi-Fi issue that I had at the DEL lounge, the Wi-Fi at all Indian airports require either a cell phone number and a code from the subsequent text message to register; or you can enter a premium internet voucher code received from the lounge. Read my DEL article to find out more. At HYD, the situation was worsened by the fact that there is no dedicated Wi-Fi router at the lounge. Compounded by the fact that the lounge is located one floor below the normal gates level, the Wi-Fi signal was virtually non-existent. I had issues connecting to the Wi-Fi and entering my voucher code, let alone using it for any actual internet browsing. So expect to enjoy the lounge or enjoy the Wi-Fi else where in the airport.

The lounge food consist of a hot food area, salad bar, and a cereal bar. The hot food were mainly Indian cuisine. On the day of my visit, they had nann bread,  aloo jeera mutter (spicy potato), hard boiled eggs, and grilled chicken. 

Hot food area
Hot soup of the day was sambar (lentil stew) with hot buns next to it

Salad bar consist of sprout salad, cucumber salad, and tomato and mint. It also had dips such as peanut chutney, tomato chutney, and plain yogurt.

Salad bar

The cereal bar had croissants, assorted cereal, milk, and bananas. 

Cereal bar

The lounge also had a slim selection of soda, with only pepsi, 7up, and soda water. They also had one option of carrot juice. 

Soda machine

The coffee, however, is a Coffee Day espresso machine. Coffee Day is similar to America’s version of Starbucks. They are everywhere in India, and have *decent* and consistent coffee. I know there are some strong opinions about Starbucks’ quality, hence the asterisk thrown in here. 

Coffee Day espresso machine!

There is also a wide selection of tea in the lounge.

Tea selection

One really sad note about the lounge is that it is not an open bar and drinks are charged by the glass. They range from ~$4-$10 USD. 

Bar area
Drinks menu

Then there’s also the standard water bottle fridge that I have come to become very familiar with at Indian airport lounges.

Water bottle fridge

As far as the decor goes, the lounge is very long and narrow. But since it’s an open space, I didn’t feel confined at all. The giant windows next to the lounge also provides lots of natural light. It was also very enjoyable observing the planes taking off and landing on the runway.

Lots of windows in the lounge
Lots of seating area in the lounge

A small work space in the lounge for visitors that are looking to work
Bar tops / stools for a quick stop at the lounge

And it wouldn’t be a lounge without magazines and newspaper that people don’t read ;P

Magazine area

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